Rebooking time is here!!!!

We have finally come to the day we have been waiting for, rebooking time for CMA Musc Festival 2023!

We are trying to do this as simple as possible with our first priority to take care of our 2022 CMA Fest customers.  There are a few things to know as we start.

      1. We have a rebooking window for our guests from 2022 that is open from now until 4pm Eastern time on August 12th, 2022.  You should complete this process prior to that time to preserve your space with us for the 2023 CMA Music Festival. 
      2. If you wish to move your seats around for 2023, you should rebook your seats you have now, and then we will contact you about moving you between August 15 and August 26 to go over options
      3. If you wish to bring more people with you for 2023, it is best to rebook your seats now, then we will contact you between August 15 and August 26 to go over the options we have for you.
      4. If you have someone that wants to take over your package for 2023, the only way to insure that is for you to rebook your package, then contact us in September to change the name and everything over to the new package holder.

Jackie Moore – our CMA Fest specialist many of you have worked with for the past 9 years is on a vacation this week she has had planned for more than 18 months.  We expect her return next week

The seating and sections on the field have changed.  Sections have been re-numbered.  For example, 2022 section 13 in 2023 is section 14, so you may notice a difference in your sections or seats on your confirmation.

We have over 99% the same seats we had for 2022.  Less than 1% were either moved slightly or are no longer available to us from CMA due to some re-arranging they have done on the field level seating.  If you wish to renew your package and your seats were among those affected, we will work with you on the best available options.

Key resources for you in the rebooking process:

The seating chart as you will see below has changed, as have ticket rates and upcharges.


For 2023, all of our packages are priced on our 100 level seating.


Ticket upcharges for 2023 will be as follows:

  •  Field Level Sections 1-6 – $350 per seat
  •  Field Level Sections 7-14 – $200 per seat
  •  Field Level Sections 15-21 – $100 per seat
  •  Club Level Sections  – $100 per seat

To book your package for 2023 will require a deposit before August 26th.

When you complete the form below, we will send you a confirmation as soon as we can.  The confirmation email will have a link to the payment page where you can submit your payment for your deposit.

Guests seating in Field  Level Sections 1-6 or Field Level Sections 7-14, the required deposit is $500 per person.

All other seating requires a $300 per person deposit.

Seats will not be held without deposit and all deposits are non refundable from the date of booking.